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Take a look around and you can find both albums by my group Big Atomic, Normaltown by Catfish Jenkins (with 2 formerly unreleased tracks), my solo album, and I have just added my new single Show Me Your Love! Also available for the first time are studio recordings of my songs Close, This Georgia Sun, Miles, and my version of the children's classic "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star". There will be more new material on the way, so keep checking back or join my mailing list (on the contact page) and I'll keep you updated!

On the online sites and in my music store you can preview all my music for free, so try clicking around here or through the itunes, cdbaby, and amazon links above. To find everything I've done at those online stores, you may have to search by Wes Yoakam, Big Atomic, and Catfish Jenkins, but all the links are right here on my music store page.

If you are looking for tracks from the movie "In the Flesh" you are in the right place! There are new versions of Had To Let You, Breathe, and Epilogue; and if you're looking for the movie versions they'll be here soon! Drop me a line on my contact page, and I'll get them to you!

Everyone always asks this question so....music comparisons range from Peter Gabriel to Tom Petty with overtones of the Beatles and major influences include Neil Finn of Crowded House, U2, and Sting...

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