Artist Assist

Audio Production/Producer/Composer

Talk to me first about your next audio production project! I have a state of the art Universal Audio interface running ProTools 10 with a ton of plugins, virtual amps, and virtual instruments. I have literally thousands of samples, loops, and sound effects to add color and a modern sound to your creations! To capture great sounds, I have a range of top quality tube, condenser, and dynamic mics, great compressors, pre-amps and much more. If you are a band or a solo artist that needs a top quality recording of your material, I can bring 20 years of recording and songwriting experience to your project.

Singer/Songwriters: I love to help singer/songwriters capture great performances and create full arrangements to realize the entire vision for their songs. At FS Studios you’ll record and sing in a comfortable and relaxed house studio environment stuffed full of top quality gear and software. If you are an acoustic singer/songwriter looking for a full band sound on your recordings, you’re in the right place. I can play or program most of the parts you’ll need, and I have a full complement of top local studio musicians that I work with regularly. Bands: I have tons of experience recording bands! Check out my material on the music store page for examples! When you record with me, we’ll start by discussing your song arrangements and business goals in pre-production, probably record some down and dirty demos to help work though and focus your arrangements, and then we’ll capture great versions of your songs! I seek to create arrangements where the individual parts really shine sonically but cater to the overall effect and groove of the songs. The needs of every band are different, so email me to set up a time for a free consultation!

Compositions for film, tv, and web: I have placed songs and created instrumental themes for film, tv and podcasts! We can find something perfect in my catalog or create something brand new for your project. Check out my theme music library here: Email me for a free consultation about your project’s needs!

Audio Clean Up: Email me your Edirol, Iphone, etc recordings, and I can clean them up and run them through a signal chain I’ve created.This can make a not-so-good sounding recording of a rehearsal or performance listenable enough for you to show others, use as an enjoyable practice tool (not something that makes you cringe!), or get a real idea what the piece your working on might sound like if recorded properly!

Instrumental Sample