If you don’t have a marketing plan for the new album, you've just created 1000 custom coasters with your band’s name on it! Awesome! Some people worry about putting their music on a compilation CD. If you’re out there playing often, eventually someone will ask you to contribute a song for their compilation album. This might be for a charity or for profit and represents a group of songs someone with a few thousand to spare thinks would make a great album. Some artists think this will hurt their sales, or they’ll lose control of their song’s copywriter, or just aren't sure if it’s a good idea. Here are the facts; most compilation organizers I've met are not out to steal anything from you. They’re usually enthusiastic live music fans that really think your music is good. Make sure any contract you get is a non-exclusive agreement (so you can use the song on other CD's) and doesn't transfer any copywriter ownership. Also, if the CD is not for charity, make sure you like the payment schedule and then don’t count on seeing any money because guess what; most compilations don’t sell very well! Check the contract, don’t expect to make any money, kick back and enjoy the free publicity!

Band photos: don’t show your quality footwear…get a close up! Show the personality of each member by getting close. Don’t stand 5 feet apart cos you’re photographer will have to zoom way out and you won’t be able to see anyone’s expression. Avoid train tracks and urban blight…that’s been done to death. Try standing extremely close and get a good tight shot. You’ll look like you’re much farther apart in the photo than you feel in real life. Make sure the band is the focus not the background!